7 best soundbar under 10000 in india 2021

If you searching for the best soundbar under 10000 then you came to the right place.

A good soundbar relaxes your mind and delivers a boost audio experience that a smart TV speaker fails to deliver.

Special in India most of the smart TV comes with dedicated speaker system but they do not deliver that quality that we actually need.

7 Best Soundbar Under 10000

A branded soundbar always produce Dolby Atmos sound with great clarity and audio performance. That relax our mind and improve our listening power.

You may know that in this list we will only discuss the best soundbar below 10000 that has great brand value and that delivers a superb audio experience.

Under a price range of 10000, no doubts the boAt AAVANTE Bar 2050 is a wonderful choice.

This soundbar comes with a 160W speaker that produces super clear audio.

This soundbar has an RMS of 80W that boost clarity and help your soundbar to deliver a sharp audio experience.

It comes with a 2.1 channel that delivers Dolby Atmos sound quality. It has a unique silk design with a premium gradient finish that looks very attractive.

With this soundbar, the brand provides a remote control using this remote control you can control the soundbar volume, change the music and other important things. in Connectivity it has a USB port aux-in and HDMI

This soundbar comes with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 that will provide better wireless connectivity.

Because of this Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect this on your mobile as well as smart TV.

In short, the unique design and the premium sound quality make this soundbar the best soundbar under 10000.



Infinity is a sub-brand of JBL Infinity is known for its premium audio gadgets and soundbars.

Under 10000 this soundbar offers 160-watts peak power sound technology that delivers a clear sound in your room.

This soundbar comes with a dedicated Subwoofer that provides a deep bass sound experience.

This soundbar has a premium look with a mesh design that looks attractive and give a premium feel. For Multy connectivity it has Bluetooth USB aux input.

It comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that provides a better wireless connection speed and a better wireless connectivity range.

With the help of a multi-function remote control, you can control your soundbar all features and function.

The look and compact design make this soundbar a perfect fit in every size of smart TV in every place.

In one line this infinity JBL soundbar has a deep bass sound system with impressive audio and some great connectivity system.

The 160 word sound output and Bluetooth 5.0 make this the best soundbar under 10000



Special in India everyone knows about Samsung gadgets and innovation technology. It is totally unbelievable that under the price range of 10000 Samsung offer their soundbar.

Under 10000 this sound war has a 2.1 channel sound system that will deliver clear sound quality in your music and movie watching.

A big brand like Samsung knows how important sound clarity and qualities that’s why Samsung optimise the sound for various content then deliver a clear sound system.

It has a premium level remote control using this you can control your soundbar audio or other function.

This Samsung soundbar has a premium design that looks very attractive. it presents a dedicated subwoofer that delivers deep bass boosting sound experience.

It supports Dolby digital audio that gives a better audio experience in indoor uses. In connectivity, it presents the latest Bluetooth USB and optional in.

In a short under a price range of 10000, this is also a great choice for budget smart TV uses.



This boAt Aavante Bar 1500 is also a great soundbar under 10000 because this has 120 Watts sound speaker that delivers a great value experience.

It has 60-Watts Subwoofer that improves sound quality and clarity. This soundbar has a 2.1 channel surrounding sound system that delivers great sound eco audio.

Also, this 2.1 surrounding system delivers Dolby atmos sound that you surely love. It has a very premium and silk looking design.

In a first look, you fail to guess that this is a budget soundbar that comes under 8000 rupees. It has a noise cancellation ratio of 72 DB that is decent according to the price.

This soundbar is a perfect fit for your living room bedroom and drawing room or any sizes TV. The total weight of this soundbar is 6.1 kg that is decent under this price segment.

This soundbar has a dedicated Subwoofer that delivers good boost and bass performance

Overall under a price range of 10000, this soundbar has a unique design and good audio experience that make this one of the best soundbars under 10000.



Now we are going to talk about some premium budget-friendly soundbar. This JBL sb110 soundbar has a great brand value and reputation in the Indian market.

This JBL soundbar has 110W power output that will provide great sound quality. For loud audio inside the JBL use a 4 woofer speaker that produces high volume and clear audio.

This soundbar doesn’t have any dedicated Subwoofer but without Subwoofer this delivers great bass thank you good quality sound

In look is decent on the top JBL to integrate a premium finishing level metal that will give a good stylish look. It runs on a 2.0 channel sound system that delivers its Dolby Atmos sound.

In connectivity, JBL integrates HDMI RCA USB and line in. Inside the JBL use Bluetooth 4.2 that is not that impressive in 2021.

In short, JBL uses good quality speakers and sound technology that usually love. In our list of best soundbar under 10000, this is also a great choice.

It has premium carbon finishing with a stylish design that looks very attractive and makes this durable.



This is also a wonderful budget soundbar. It comes within 90 Watts sound technologies that will deliver great clear sound performance.

This runs on 2.2 channel technology that delivers a good ecosystem in your bedroom living room for drawing room situation.

It has premium carbon finishing with a stylish design that looks very attractive and makes this durable.

The best part of this soundbar is the Bluetooth version 5.0 that will provide a better connectivity speed with a better connectivity range.

Because this is a very budget soundbar that’s why the brand doesn’t include any dedicated subwoofer but without a subwoofer, this delivers a great bass and clear sound.

In connectivity, it has a USB HDMI aux cable. In our list, this is the best budget soundbar in India.



This is another budget soundbar that has good sound and some unique features. With the help of a 160 watt sound speaker, this delivers mind-blowing clear sounds.

But in our research, we found the focus of the sound body is a little bit in lower positions.

It has a 2.1 channel surrounding sound system that help the soundbar to deliver clear and sharp audio.

The brand integrated a dedicated subwoofer that helps boost performance and improve the sound work audio quality

For controlling the soundbar the subwoofer it presents a remote control using this remote control you can increase the volume and you can control other important things.

In design it has a mesh design on the topic section it made with metal I personally don’t like to design but in this budget range the design is good

This sound becomes sweet Bluetooth 5.0 that will give you a better connectivity speed.

It comes with a compact design technique that is a perfect fit for your smart TV with doesn’t matter what is your TV size for what is your table dimension.

In connectivity which has HDMI oxen Bluetooth. in our list of best soundbar under 10000, this is also a great soundbar that you can purchase.



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