Best Wireless Keyboards under 2000

Wireless Keyboards offer great portability and flexibility rather than regular Keyboards.

Regular Keyboards have lots of downsides as it lacks on providing proper portability, flexibility, and comfort.

Nowadays most laptop Keyboards lack providing proper comfort and flexibility.

So, it is recommended to have external Keyboards that will give you lots of advantages compared to built-in and regular Keyboards. 

Apart from this, it will also increase your working speed as it offers great flexibility.

Best wireless keyboards under 2000 in india

Currently, there are thousands of wireless Keyboards on the market depending upon, quality, features, pricing, and brand.

But, choosing the right Keyboards out of these options can be challenging and frustrating as well. So, considering this fact here we have brought 5 best wireless Keyboards under 2000.

After considering different factors here we have brought the list of the 5 best wireless Keyboards. If you are searching for quality yet budget wireless Keyboards then here is the list of the keyboards that you can go for.

1. Logitech MK345 Wireless keyboard

Logitech is nevertheless one of the best hardware manufacturers that manufactured lots of computer gadgets like headphones, Keyboards, mouse and other computer accessories.

Similarly, Logitech MK34 wireless Keyboards is one of its best wireless Keyboards that comes under 2000.

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo – Full-Sized Keyboard with Palm Rest and Comfortable Right-Handed Mouse

This Keyboard comes in black color and has a height of 44.72 Cm and a width of 3.84 Cm.

As always Logitech has designed this Keyboards’s lightweight that offers great portability while use.

Moreover, the Keyboards supports all the Windows version including Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest version of Windows 11 as well.

I like the fact that this keyboard comes with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries.



2. Dell Wireless Keyboards KM636

Dell KM636 is another popular wireless keyboard in the market that comes under 2000.

As we all know dell is one of the renowned brands when it comes to manufacturing computer gadgets.

This particular model of the keyboard comes in competitive pricing with appealing features so it deserves to be on our list.

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM636 Black

The keyboard comes with a modern sleek design and has a product dimension of 44.1 x 12.8 cm and weighs only 549 grams.

Furthermore, its keys are so smooth that make you feel so comfortable while typing.

Similarly, it is also easy to set up all you need to do is just plug the USB on your device and that’s it.

Overall it is one of the best budget-friendly wireless keyboards on the market.

The only downside with this keyboard is you won’t get a battery along with keyboards and mouse.

Besides this, there is not much difference compared to similar keyboards from Dell.



3. Amkette Wi-Key plus 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboards

Amkette is another popular budget-friendly wireless keyboard that comes only under 2000.

The keyboard has a slim and sleek design which makes it easier to use and handle while work.

Unlike other Wireless keyboards, it is a bit different as it has a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency.

Amkette Wi-Key Plus 2.4 GHz USB Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo for PC, Laptop and Devices with USB Support (Grey/Black)Amkette Wi-Key Plus 2.4 GHz USB Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo for PC, Laptop and Devices with USB Support (Grey/Black)

The product has a dimension of 54.9 x 16.5 x 3.5 cm and weighs only 767 grams only.

While talking about the power sources it is battery powered and needs 3 AAA batteries which you will get along with the keyboard and mouse.

Overall it is the best Wireless keyboard according to its pricing and offers more value than its pricing.

Amkette is the new gadget manufacturer but they have been making gadgets with appealing features and competitive pricing.

The only downside with this keyboard is that it needs 3 AAA batteries to power up.



4. Logitech Wireless Keyboards MK275

It is another power keyboard and mouse combo from the Logitech brand.

This particular version of the wireless keyboard has a 2.4 GHz of wireless connection.

Besides this, it has a USB type of receiver for setup. As always in this particular version, you will experience not so much noise while using.

Logitech MK275 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Wireless Mouse, 8 Multimedia & Shortcut Keys, 2-Year Battery

The keyboard also has a shortcut button for easy accessing of multimedia like Email, Music, Videos, and setting.

It has 50 x 15.6 x 4.4 cm of dimension and weighs around 726 grams.

Furthermore, it supports all the major OS like Mac, Windows, and Linux and every version of Windows OS.

While talking about the power it requires 2 AAA batteries and the mouse requires 1 AA battery.



5. HP Wireless Keyboard 3ML04AA

Here is another stylish keyboard and mouse from HP under 2000.

It is one of the perfect keyboards for those who are searching best value product at less price.

The Keyboard is manufactured by one of the renowned brands HP and they don’t lack on providing more value on their product 

HP 3ML04AA Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Similar to other multimedia keyboards here also you will get 10 keys for accessing different things like Browser, Video, Calculator, Music, and videos.

Furthermore, it has Advanced Encryption Standard technology to protect the data.

You can easily set it up as you don’t require installing additional software all you need to do is plug the USB on the device.

This keyboard support all the major operating system software.

It also has typing angle adjustment clip which you can adjust as per your needs and satisfaction.

Unlike other wireless keyboards here you will also get a battery along with the device.



Things to consider before buying wireless Keyboards

Well, there are lots of things that you need to consider before buying wireless keyboards.

But, if you are new and don’t have a proper idea about wireless keyboards.

Here we will discuss some parameters that you need to include before buying wireless keyboards


While buying new wireless keyboard portability should be your first priority.

In wireless keyboards, there are various things you need to look at before buying new keyboards like Weight, Key, Noise, and palm rest features.

These things will add additional comfort while working.


The battery is another important thing that you need to look at while buying new wireless keyboards.

There are many wireless keyboards on the market that offer free rechargeable batteries along with the keyboard and some don’t.

So I suggest you go for the one that consumes less battery and offers battery along with the keyboards.


Security is another thing that you need to look at while buying wireless keyboards as the data is transferred without wire.

This can increase the risk of security as hackers can easily access the data of your keyboard.

So, it is recommended to consider a keyboard that has good encryption technology.


Connectivity is another thing that you need to look before buying wireless keyboards.

Well there are two types of keyboard available in the market one is Bluetooth and another is 2.4 GHz WIFI connectivity.

They don’t have that much difference but if you want longer range than go for WIFI connectivity keyboards.

Else, everything is same with Bluetooth and WIFI keyboard.


The last thing that you need to look at while buying a wireless keyboard is the warranty.

Most of the manufacturer provides couples year of warranty.

As we all know none of the hardware has longer life. So, it is recommended to choose a keyboard that offers a warranty.

Mainly you will get one year warranty on the wireless keyboard but it can differ depending upon the price of the keyboard.

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